BPC Community Group Member

Cyril Walrond

Cyril Walrond is a passionate advocate for equity andjustice, currently serving as the Pro-Equity and Anti-Racist (PEAR) JusticeDirector for the Black Prisoners Caucus Community Group. With a deep commitment to dismantling systemic racism within the criminal justice system, Cyril brings a wealth of experience in advocating for the rights and dignity of incarcerated individuals. In his role, Cyril spearheads initiatives that foster a pro-equity environment within correctional facilities and the community, advocating for fair treatment and opportunities for those impacted by the criminal justice system. His leadership within the Black Prisoners Caucus Community Group is marked by a dedication to anti-racism efforts, empowering individuals to overcome systemic challenges. Cyril's professional journey reflects a commitment to creating inclusive spaces and dismantling oppressive structures. With a focus on pro-equity strategies, he works collaboratively with community stakeholders to drive meaningful change. Cyril's advocacy extends beyond the prison walls, engaging with policymakers and the broader community to promote awareness and understanding of the issues faced by incarcerated individuals. A dynamic leader, Cyril is recognized for his ability to inspire positive change and build bridges between diverse communities. His role as the PEAR JusticeDirector showcases his dedication to advancing equity, justice, and anti-racism, making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by incarceration.

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